Ikeyni-Leader of the Tayrangi Clan

The Eastern Sea Olo’eykte (clan leader) is one of the most intriguing and visually interesting characters in Avatar. The character is played by stunt woman and actress Alicia Vela-Bailey. Since Avatar released we knew very little about this character, yet she has a lot of fans in the Avatar community. Her red war paint looks fierce against her blue body, and we see her fearlessly lead her clan into battle after Toruk Makto comes and asks for their help. However after we see her fly into battle we don’t see her again. So who is this red painted warrior who stands out in Avatar, will we see her again? What is her clans name?

Thanks to the new mobile game Avatar: Pandora Rising we now have some answers to those very questions. In November of 2019 it was speculated on AvatarSequels.com that the characters name had possibly been revealed, pieced together through a series of clues. We will cover that next, then get into what we now know.

In early 2017 Avatar.com updated and added some new information on their website. One of the things added were bio’s on some of the new Na’vi clans. Some clans we had previously seen in Toruk: The First Flight, others we had seen in James Cameron’s: Avatar The Game, and some had been in Avatar the movie. For now we are only going to focus on one of those clans, the Tayrangi. Below is the Avatar.com information posted about them.

The very first thing that stood out is in the photo used to describe the Tayrangi is of the Eastern Sea Olo’eykte and her clan. This screenshot that Avatar.com used is taken from the final battle, shown in the movie. Also the bio above describes what little we know of the Tayrangi clan to this point. In the movie their sole mention is by Jake Sully who calls them, “the ikran people of the Eastern Sea.” I don’t think based on this information alone its much of a reach to assume she is the clan leader of the Tayrangi. She also shows up in the comic, Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path, in the very last issue, however no new information is given. Here is her appearance.

This brings me to the newest information that has surfaced, and this is from Avatar: Pandora Rising, the new mobile game. Currently it is not yet released in the US and I haven’t played it. However it is available in a limited number of other countries and people have shared screenshots of the characters bio’s from the game. From those bio’s we get the first names we’ve seen for members of the Tayrangi clan, Nanti and Tsentey.

Nanti, doesn’t seem to provide any further information on the Olo’eykte, however Tsentey may provide a clue. His bio says he is husband of “Ikeyni.” At this time we don’t have a bio from the game of anyone named Ikeyni, but since they mention her it makes me think she is someone of more importance than simply being his wife. It’s just a guess but I think Ikeyni may be our red war paint Tayrangi leader. The only other thing that might support this is the fact he is a veteran ikran rider, and I’m going to assume our red paint Tayrangi leader is also someone who is also a veteran of her clan. With what we know of the Na’vi culture I doubt the Na’vi select young clan leaders unless the older veteran leader has died or become unable to lead. So it would make sense that if our Tayrangi leader has a husband, they would both be veterans of their clan.

Taking all of this into consideration, it isn’t much of a stretch to come to the conclusion that Ikeyni is the Tayrangi clan leader, and Tsentey’s wife. This is based on what little information we have so far, however the information all comes directly from official sources.

From November of 2019 until June of 2020 this is all the information we had on the Tayrangi clan and their Olo’eykte (clan leader). However, just this week with a new update to Avatar: Pandora Rising we now have proof the red painted ikran leader is from the Tayrangi clan, and what her name is, Ikeyni.

Ikeyni’s backstory. Olo’eykte of the Tayrangi clan of the Eastern Sea, is one of the most strategic and tactical leaders on Pandora. Additionally, she’s an extraordinary banshee rider and warrior.

So there you have it after ten and a half years, straight from an official Avatar source,  we can confirm Ikeyni is the name of the Tayrangi clan leader. It’s great to have the official name after all of this time for such an amazing character.

Artwork of Ikeyni created by the following artists- Camilla Berto, Michael Dooney, Tyler Berry (Mattel Figure), Kayla Scheffler (cosplay), Jim Lawson, and Olly.

Special thanks to the following Learn Na’vi Discord members, Exostrike for personally sharing game updates, Tsu’rat for sharing Tsentey’s bio, and to Olly for posting Ikeyni’s bio.